>Shocking AADT figures for 270 in Missouri

Posted: 2011/02/28 in congestion, MoDOT, safety

>Today, there was an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in regards to widening a 5 mile section of 270 between 44 and Manchester. I went into the discussion tab where viewers can talk about the article, and there is quite a few comments “what about North County” already posted.

I went through MoDOT district 6 AADT numbers (the last year available is 2008) and here is some shocking numbers:
270 from 55 to 44: 145,871
from 44 to 40: 163,557
from 40 to Olive: 188,473
from Olive to Page: 182,064
from Page to 70: 171,075
from 70 to 370: 136,925
from 370 to Lindbergh: 184,406
from 170 to New Halls Ferry: 132,817
from New Halls Ferry to 367: 111,005
from 367 to Chain of Rocks Bridge: 56,548

The AADT throughout 270 all the way to 367 is at least 135k for 30 of 34 miles. As soon as you get past 367, the AADT drops in half in less than 4 miles to the river, as that section of 270 is only at 4 lanes of traffic. Given IDOT numbers (posted in earlier posts), it suggest that the section of 270 from Lilac to Route 3 is already nearing the EW-Gateway 2020 AADT projection.

While the truck traffic numbers we not provided, it looks like as you get closer to the river, the truck traffic percentage increases.


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