>new MoDOT AADT suggest increasing congestion

Posted: 2011/03/15 in congestion, MoDOT

>MoDOT recently released their 2009 AADT figures for the St. Louis region, and while the numbers were down from 2008 across the region, there was an increase on the I-270 north county corridor east of Lindbergh. The section from 170 to New Halls Ferry saw a jump of of over 10,000 vehicles, and an increase of about 1500 vehicles from 367 to the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

The last two mornings I been monitoring the IDOT live feed of the Chain of Rocks Bridge traffic, and every morning as early as 4 am the amount of traffic starts increasing, and by 6 am there is slowing traffic as soon as you hit the curve right before the bridge in the westbound lanes. On the website I seen yellows and reds for speed detections in that area during the peak periods from time to time. This is proof that this section of 270 is approaching capacity and something needs to be done.

I’m updating the “Get Involved” section to include various Missouri officials. Keep sending complaints to them, maybe something will give soon.


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