>MoDOT announces I-270 North County study date

Posted: 2011/04/07 in MoDOT

>Found this out via Twitter this morning:

MoDOT St. Louis Area

MoDOT News Release – MoDOT holds Public Meeting on I-270 North Corridor Study on April 14

Now is the time to let MoDOT have it with the reasons why change needs to be made on the section of 270 from 367 to the Chain of Rocks Bridge. Click here to read their details.

Update 12:45 PM: MoDOT announced a 2 PM press conference today and it includes impacts for I-270 though its at I-44.

Update 2:30 PM: IDOT announces their new 5-year plan. Besides the canal bridge project, it appears that they still don’t give a care for 270 on the Illinois side of the river. Take note in some of the District 8 papers that Missouri is the lead agency for the new I-70 Bridge project. None of this is surprising, in fact its merely a coincidence that 270 on the Missouri side is in better shape than 270 on the Illinois side.

Last but not least: IDOT doing overnight lane restrictions on the Canal Bridge starting the 18th.

Don’t forget to read this blog from a different blogger that frequently sends tweets.


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