>East-West Gateway gets an earful

Posted: 2011/06/03 in congestion, IDOT, MoDOT, safety

>With the temperatures heating up, it was time to turn up the heat on the East-West Gateway Long Term Transportation plans. I gave some of them a few choice words, wrote some strong comments on their comment forms, and found that IDOT pretty much skipped the meeting. (Conversely some of the MoDOT big shots were there.)

I simply wrote comments based on the previous posts on this blog. Some of the stuff mentioned included the aftermath of the December 8, 2010 incident, the left turn lane on Route 143 to the Clark Bridge that only handles 5 vehicles, the lack of shoulders on the river bridge itself, and the amount of truck traffic.

It is not too late to send your views about the long term plans to East-West Gateway. The more heat that is put on them, it can put all the heat on IDOT to do something. Until 5 PM on June 17, you can view the Virtual Open House and email comments to LRP@ewgateway.org.


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