Stalled car this afternoon

Posted: 2011/07/14 in stall

Barely wake up from the daytime siesta (currently work night shifts), get on the computer to check tweets, and find that @StLouisTraffic has reported a stalled vehicle on the westbound lanes of the bridge around 15:15 CDT.  Wonderful.  I started checking the two live cameras positioned towards the bridge.  Sure enough, I eventually found a dark red sedan blocking the right lane.  I bet the driver of that vehicle had to be scared of the ordeal.  It took two hours before crews could clear that stall vehicle, and this is during the peak hours.  Traffic was jammed up to Route 203 in the westbound lanes.

MoDOT camera at Riverview shows that dark red sedan that is stalled in the right lane in the westbound lanes.  The IDOT cameras show some of the backup caused by the stall.  The state police eventually comes out to the scene.

This incident should emphasize that a stalled vehicle can cause big problems instantly, and the traffic backing up to 203 proved it.  Why IDOT hasn’t made the Chain of Rocks Bridge an auto-tow zone like the Poplar St. Bridge is beyond my belief.


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