A Notorious Anniversary

Posted: 2011/08/10 in accident

Today marks the anniversary of two of the more notorious incidents that ever happened on the section of 270 between Lilac and Route 3.  The first incident in 1994 happened on the Chain of Rocks Bridge and resulted in 3 of the 4 lanes to be closed for 4 days for emergency repairs.  This incident resulted in one of the first major carmageddons to occur in the Metro East, especially for the Alton-River Bend area, and exposed a flaw with the Illinois approaches to the Clark Bridge that opened just eight months earlier.

The second incident came in 2004 right before the morning rush, on 270 just west of Riverview.  Although this one did not occur on the bridge, the incident shut down 270 and Dunn between Riverview and Lilac.  This caused traffic to be sitting ducks on the island during the morning rush, and forced people to once again go through Alton to get around.

Both incidents had one thing in common: they proved that the Clark Bridge in Alton cannot handle any traffic overload that occurs when things go horribly wrong.  The incidents back in December reinforced that fact.


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