A Stall Filled Tuesday

Posted: 2011/08/17 in congestion, safety, stall

Yesterday afternoon was a bad day for stalled vehicles on the bridge, with 2 stalls in a 3 hour period both in the westbound lanes.

The first stall would result in 3 mile backup before it is cleared.  With the northbound Route 3 exit from westbound 270 closed due to construction, it was difficult for traffic to switch to an alternate route to get around this.  This stall takes about 45 minutes to clear.

The second one came less than two hours later, with a red sedan stalling nearly in the same area as the first stall:

This one takes around 45 minutes to clear as well.

Surprisingly, @StLouisTraffic does not report either stall yesterday via Twitter.  If you want proof that this area needs to be an automatic tow zone like the Poplar St. Bridge area is, here is two examples why.

In somewhat unrelated news, State Senator Bill Haine recently announced some Illinois road projects that will happen in his district in the coming weeks.


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