Friday afternoon incident on the island

Posted: 2011/11/04 in accident, congestion, safety

During the peak period this afternoon, a vehicle attempting to make a U-Turn gets struck by a tractor-trailer on the island between the river and canal bridges, blocking lanes in both directions.  According to twitter sources, the traffic eastbound backed up to 367, and westbound backed up at Route 3.

I was still asleep when this thing was happening but this wreck is another proof that safety is the main problem when it comes to this area.  The traffic impacts of a single lane being blocked during peak periods backed up traffic well into Missouri and just about forced a large number of locals to go through Alton today.

In unrelated news, MoDOT got more weekend closures for Highways 40 and 44, so there will be higher amount of traffic than normal.

  1. […] videos showing some of the traffic jam from the November 4 incident that backed up eastbound traffic west of Route 367 has surfaced on youtube by a cell phone […]

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