Canal bridge project makes Belleville News-Democrat

Posted: 2011/12/28 in construction, IDOT

During the evening hours on Tuesday, the Belleville News-Democrat published an article of the canal bridge project.  I have not seen the comment section of that article being used a lot, any further judgment will take place at a later date.  Update 14:23 – the newspaper has since put a new link up here.  The comments again had people critical of IDOT.)

Speaking of the Post-Dispatch article posted Monday, two more comments were posted to that article since then.  Again people were saying why didn’t IDOT do the river and canal bridges at the same time?  Nobody will probably know the true answer to that question.  IDOT is on the hook for both of them.  IDOT doesn’t seem to believe in common sense.  IDOT claims that this $103M project is the most expensive single project that District 8 has taken – and that is a big fat lie.  Getting that section of 270 from Lilac to 255 fixed will probably cost 10 times that amount when its all said and done – and the river bridge will consume a good chunk of that amount by itself.  IDOT didn’t bother in going to the public with this project when it was in the planning stages.  Now the media is now reporting about the canal bridge replacement project, and the public is wasting no time in giving their opinion on how it should been done.  Its a surprise that the Alton Telegraph hasn’t published any articles regarding the project at all.

The River Bend has seen the nasty effects of what happens to the Clark Bridge commute when a wreck shuts down the canal and/or river bridge one too many times.  Any time that happens, nobody can get around downtown Alton and the Berm Highway becomes a 4 mile parking lot from the Clark Bridge to Route 3.  Earlier this year, IDOT modified the Illinois end of the Clark Bridge, but instead of fixing the very short left turn lane from Route 143 to the bridge – they went for the right turn lane that Route 67 uses to get on the bridge.  It took just 8 months after the Clark Bridge opened in 1994 for the locals to realize they really got screwed with that project – and it happened on August 10, 1994 after everyone went to bed for the night.  The worst of those backups were on Route 143 and on Broadway – and those very same backups came to full force last December following that fatal accident.  IDOT should never built the Broadway Connector to Route 143 in the first place – that connecting roadway was the source of a lot of those backups last year.


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