IDOT finally posts the canal bridge project page

Posted: 2012/01/05 in construction, IDOT, MoDOT

After camping the IDOT website for the past few months almost every day, they finally post the canal bridge project page today.  Not much was posted about it (other than a couple pictures) but at least it is a start.

In somewhat unrelated news, the MoDOT website is currently being camped for a date for the upcoming Highway 270 North County corridor study public hearing #2 tentatively scheduled for January 2012.  When this date is finally announced, it will be posted here.  If you haven’t read some of the April 2011 meeting comments already, there is quite a few people already giving MoDOT heat for the section east of Route 367.

Expect an increased amount of traffic this weekend, the perfect weather will bring out the eagle watchers in the area (especially first thing in the morning and late afternoon), and MoDOT is shutting down Highway 40 in downtown St. Louis for repairs.  In fact, expect more traffic next weekend when Trailnet has Eagle Days, especially around the Riverview exit.


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