The snow came, and MoDOT botched it

Posted: 2012/01/12 in MoDOT, Weather
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UPDATE 16:36 2/8/15 – going back and embedding such tweets if possible.  Most posts prior to 2013 do not have embedded tweets and there are no plans in going back to rework posts unless deemed necessary.

Authors note:  Because I had to work day shifts and could not be near the computer to monitor it (did get to take sneak peeks with my cell phone during breaks but that was it),  I had to monitor twitter and facebook feeds.  A special thank you to all that made various comments through the twitter feeds go to @Y98Lance and the facebook feeds from viewers of Fox2Now.  If I missed anyone else I apologize, its been a long day.

As expected the snow and wind come right before the morning peak period.  What nobody expected was MoDOT getting a late start on snow removal.  Add in a flash freeze that came soon after the first flakes fell, and the rolling hills on the Missouri side of the river, along with the time of the day and all of a sudden you had the standstill traffic.  Before long, there is wrecks on westbound 270 at Bellefontaine and again at Route 367 according to @StLouisTraffic, and next thing that happens is that traffic is at a standstill back across the river and canal bridges and went back all the way to Route 157.  Before I walked in work at 07:30, I made a check on the live cams with my cell phone and found the bridge to be a big parking lot.  Two hours later I finally get to go on break and check the cell phone again: the bridge was still a parking lot and the editor of the Alton Telegraph just made a tweet about how bad 270 was.

I simply sent him a tweet just do yourself a favor and advise the locals to stay off the bridge.  That tweet was retweeted.  I could not keep tabs again until it was lunch break.  By then, the parking lot was gone and things had settled down.  The locals, though, started taking their anger out at MoDOT via twitter (Warning: adult language in the feed).  The news media turned up the heat on both facebook and through twitter.  Below is some of the best tweets that happened today:

The rest of this individual twitter feed from that time period is loaded with tweets complaining about MoDOT.
The news media soon came out with various articles, including one by the Post-Dispatch, and the TV stations turned to facebook to listen to the viewers.  KPLR/KTVI came out with this video for their evening newscast.

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  2. […] on how horrible the road conditions were several hours after the snow had tapered off.  Like that one storm last year, MoDOT is the target of most of the twitter comments.   Some of the comments have strong words to […]

  3. […] A couple years ago, there was a quick hit of snow that caused several incidents on that section between Riverview and Route 367 – the timing of the snow was poor but it fell on a weekend.  Yesterday there was a snowfall event very similar to that one – not only the poor timing of the snow but this time it started just as the evening peak began.  Unlike the past storm, both admins had to be away from the computer for this one due to various reasons, so we do apologize for the lack of updates on the Twitter feed during last night evening peak and this morning peak.  UPDATE 2/8/15 at 16:29: This storm had similar behaviors of a 2012 event that also caused hell in North County, except that one was a morning peak event. […]

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