Another Monday, another bridge-closing incident

Posted: 2012/01/16 in accident, stall

Update 20:30 1/17/12:  Someone pointed me to this post on Facebook.  This post spills the entire details of the incident.

For the third Monday in the past five weeks, another incident happened on the bridge, this one in the eastbound lanes on the Illinois side.  A tractor-trailer hit a car from behind sometime between 12:30 to 13:00, and the incident caused a backup well into Missouri.  This caused the bridge to get shut down in the eastbound lanes for at least 90 minutes, as lanes were not reopened 14:00 to 14:30.  (Again, editor was at work and couldn’t monitor it from the IDOT live feed cams.)  There was no tweets from @StLouisTraffic about this, though.  However, the media was tweeting as evidence of this:

There were tweets from @StLouisTraffic this morning, however, regarding an unrelated stall; and a later incident eastbound at Lilac.  Both of these were cleared long before the two-vehicle collision:

The stall happened around midnight, the spill at Lilac exit around 11:00.

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