another peak hour stall

Posted: 2012/02/01 in accident, congestion, IDOT, MoDOT, safety, stall

Around 17:00 today got this feed on Twitter:

StLouisTrafficMoDOT STL Traffic

With IDOT live feed cams not working for some reason, the 270 @ Riverview camera had to be monitored.  At first that camera was pointing in the wrong direction but within minutes it was facing the bridge.

The scene at 17:00

In the center of the captured live cam still, there is a white sedan in the left lane in the eastbound lanes.  That is the stalled vehicle.

Scene at 17:17. The stalled white sedan is clearly shown. The traffic leading up to the bridge is almost at a standstill.

Eventually a police car comes to the scene.  It takes 54 minutes for crews to clear this stalled vehicle.  Traffic backs up from the bridge all the way back to the Washington/Elizabeth exit that is 8 miles west of the bridge.  (Special thanks for @y98lance for keeping tabs on this as well.)  Another tweeter made this tweet about the bridge:

catrbakerCatherine Rezabeck

Again, flabbergasted that one stalled car can completely shut down a four lane highway. How does this happen?! #commuterblues #stltraffic

Scene at 18:00

Around 17:54 the stalled vehicle is cleared and traffic is just starting to move on the bridge again.  It takes at least 30 minutes for the traffic backup caused by this stall to go away.

This is another incident that shows the need why this needs to be an auto-tow zone like the PSB is.  No shoulders = stall vehicle always blocks a lane of traffic.

Just for good measure, this morning commute could had been a lot worse had this tractor-trailer overturned 3 to 4 miles to the west where it did.  It messed up the section from 111 to 203 for at least 6 hours so crews could clear it.


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