IDOT conducts unannounced lunchtime work

Posted: 2012/02/24 in congestion, construction, IDOT, safety

Between 10:45 to 11:40, IDOT crews were out on the east end of the river bridge today, messing up eastbound traffic for at one hour while they did shoulder work just east of the river bridge.

the obvious culpit - installing rumble strips

Yes, both eastbound lanes got blocked for 10 minutes while IDOT does their dirty work.

Eastbound traffic backs up to Lilac in the few minutes it takes IDOT to do their work.

Finally around 11:13 the left lane is allowed to get by.  This scene is cleared 10 minutes later, but it takes 15 minutes for the traffic backlog to clear.

In unrelated news, if anyone thinks that this page should have its own twitter handle (instead of the authors personal one being used), please tweet to @kharvey10 by Sunday afternoon.  If you don’t see an response by 21:00 tonight, odds are I’m sleeping due to working night shift tonight.  I will be switching to afternoons next week.


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