Beware of orange barrel season

Posted: 2012/04/16 in congestion, construction, IDOT, MoDOT

Spring is here and it means that there will be announcements about off-peak lane closures coming soon.  The annual bridge inspections should be coming up in the next eight to twelve weeks based on past history – this one will only happen during daylight hours under perfect weather conditions.  Don’t be surprised if the canal bridge project result in the off-peak closures as well.

Here is a pair of videos of the behind the scenes work going on so far:

If you noticed the increased amount of congestion today as evidenced as these two live feed cam photo stills, you can thank a bad incident on Highway 70 north of downtown St. Louis for it.  Quite a few people that normally go through town on 70 during the afternoon peak decided to do 270 today instead, and it actually caused a good deal of congestion for at least 30 minutes.

IDOT recently released some new AADT numbers for 2011 data.  This will have to wait for another post, as MoDOT has yet to release their 2011 data.  In addition, this time of the year means new 5 year plans will be coming out and when they do I will keep it posted.


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