Comparing some AADT values

Posted: 2012/04/19 in IDOT, MoDOT

Before the IDOT AADT numbers are discussed, this morning two different people sent tweets about an eastbound accident on the island just past the river bridge

Sara Dayley KSDK@sjdayley

new accident EB 270 just after chainofrocks bridge on IL side

@sjdayley new accident EB 270 just after chainofrocks bridge on IL side

Given the time frame this appears to occur between 08:00 to 09:00.  Since I was at work at the time of the incident, no photo images will be provided.

Now on the real numbers, IDOT put up new AADT figures some time last month.  Truck traffic, if known, is in percentages.  (Older values came from this link.)

  • 2011: 54,000 (18%)
  • 2007: 54,700 (20%)
  • 1999: 50,000 (22%)
  • 1991: 48,900 (14%)

There does not appear to be any big jump or decline here compared to 20 years ago.  It seems that the AADT factors in both weekday and weekend traffic, and traffic is lighter on weekends.  Truck traffic appears to be on a slight decline, however, as most of the overweight loads were forced to find a new route across the river when IDOT slapped the legal weight restriction on the canal bridges in 2009.

MoDOT has yet to release any new AADT numbers.  However, they been keeping tabs on their regional mobility report, such as some canal bridge work that went on back in January.
This post will be continued at a later date. . .

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