canal bridge stall and a high speed pursuit

Posted: 2012/05/18 in safety, stall

Normally when you see posts about stalls it usually happens on the river bridge.  This one didn’t happen near the river bridge at all – it happened on the canal bridge around 07:30 this morning.  A white pickup truck stalled westbound and is not cleared until approximately 08:20.  It takes just 10 minutes for traffic to back up all the way to Route 111, and the backup does not clear until 08:40.  Twitter was quiet other than a single tweet that can’t be shared due to adult content.

Crews finally arrive around 08:15. The stall was gone by 08:20

the backup at Route 111 around 08:20. It takes 20 minutes for the backlog to clear.

Yesterday evening there was some alleged excitement in the corridor due to some high-speed chase – during the peak periods of course.  Twitter was active to some extent:

Lance Hildebrand@Y98Lance

POLICE PURSUIT (more) heading back for Missouri…westbound on 270 at the ChainofRocks Bridge. Police chasing a blue SUV #STL@Y98

Pox chase for shooter headed back into missouri on 270 from chainofrocks#news4#conners

listening to the police scanner now. It’s a chase. They got a helicopter going to. Just crossed chainofrocks. Up route 3 @abohnhoff

Sadly the live feed cameras caught nothing, due to the 90 second delay of the IDOT cams from this site and the fact the MoDOT cam was not working.  This person they were chasing must had been a very violent man, as most of the local police agencies around here know that the corridor is dangerous enough as is.  The outcome could had been tragic but nobody got hurt and the person is in custody.


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