upcoming vacation notice and incidents that occured since last Thursday

Posted: 2012/06/21 in IDOT, stall

Due to the author going on vacation the week of June 23, there will be no updates to the site unless major updates have occurred due to limited internet connections.  If an emergency has happened, it will be posted to twitter.  Please follow @y98lance and @sjdayley – any major peak hour incident will likely show up on either one of their feeds.

Due to the author being under the weather last weekend, the alleged incidents that happened last Thursday around 15:30 and Tuesday around 17:45 have not been posted yet.  I was unable to recover photo screens from last week stall from my cell phone (I was getting ready to enter work when that happened), and the motorcycle stall that happened Tuesday is still on the other computer and will be posted when I return from vacation.  IDOT also did a rolling operation eastbound around 10:00 this morning through checking my cell phone camera while on break at work.


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