final #ROC2012 post, canal bridge restriping rained out

Posted: 2012/09/17 in safety
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The video with the Texas couple is now trending in the St. Louis area, making the 5PM and 6PM news as police release their ROC 2012 numbers.  It didn’t take long for comments to pop up on the KTVI page regarding these stunts, especially when one of their reporters on the story has been following via Twitter for quite some time.  There has been additional videos and photos of the duo popping up on Facebook and YouTube from various riders.

Now, its time to move on from this and get back to the seriousness of why this site exists in the first place.  Everyone knows that the section between Route 3 to Lilac on 270 is very dangerous on any given day as is and the construction going on at the canal bridge doesn’t help matters.  One little issue can cause traffic to back up for miles if it happens during the wrong time of the day – and sometimes bad things happen as a result.  Feel free to read the links on the side of the page to learn more about the issues.

The canal bridge striping scheduled today was rained out and no new date has been announced at this time.  However, IDOT did release some work that will happen on Route 3 at 270 on September 21 and 24 during daylight hours.

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