Overnight Work goes OT

Posted: 2012/10/04 in congestion, construction, IDOT

Editor note: It is not fun waking up to find out that the bad enough overnight work is going to last through morning rush hour.  Unfortunately I had to head to work early this morning and was unable to make an post regarding it.  I apologize for that, but I want to people to realize that stuff will often get posted on Twitter long before I’m able to make the post.  Thank you to @y98lance, @sjdayley, @bprkelly, and @AJ_Samson for being on top of things this morning.

The contractor was doing overnight work that had the left lane closed in both directions for road work.  This work was supposed to be picked up by 05:00 but it was still going on well past the lunchtime hour.  The westbound backups were awful, going past 255.  That backup trickled down throughout the area, as the Poplar St. Bridge was backed up to Route 111, and there were delays on Routes 3 and 143.  The eastbound backup was not as bad, it only went to Bellefontaine as many locals were using Route 367 to get into Illinois.  It takes over an hour for the backup to clear after the lanes reopened and things to return to normal.

Twitter exploded with a lot of choice words, some of the tweets have strong language so viewer discretion is advised.

After the work picked up, KMOV made this mess their top story of their 5 PM newscast.  The pictures sum up how bad it is, this is one of the worst jams relating to this bridge since December 2010, and the last time construction really screwed things over was 14 years ago.  Facebook was not very busy but someone that worked on the canal bridge crew shot a picture and

Last update: 20:09 10/13/16 working on embedding fixes


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