The double whammy

Posted: 2012/10/09 in accident, congestion, construction, IDOT, MoDOT, safety

All day yesterday the media was talking about lanes of the canal bridge being closed mostly 24/7 starting today, and that did happen.  Last night was a very rough night, as there was a bad wreck eastbound on the Missouri end of the river bridge just past the Riverview merge.

KSDK NewsChannel 5@ksdknews

2 vehicle accident on eastbound 270 near Riverview Blvd has closed all eastbound lanes. 1 westbound lane also blocked #stltraffic #ksdk

9:37 PM – 8 Oct 12 · Details
This takes about 2 hours to clear and the lanes would eventually reopen by 23:30.  Traffic backed up to Lilac.
Perhaps that set a tone for today.  As soon as the AM peak periods end the lanes of not only the canal bridge but also the river bridge will close, leaving the traffic in just one lane.  Eastbound PM peak delays have already started and it is not even 16:00 yet.  Plan on using alternate routes for a few days at the very least, its going to be a very long 3 week period from the way it looks.
Editors note:  the editor started night shifts this week so do not expect a lot of mid to late afternoon updates for the next four weeks.  Any updates that do happen will either happen between 09:00 to 12:00 or between 22:00 to 22:30.  Please bear with patience.

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