Post-Christmas Storm #Euclid is en route

Posted: 2012/12/23 in Weather

Things can get interesting starting Christmas night and going into the Wednesday morning peak hours with a storm getting named Euclid by the Weather Channel pays a visit to the area.  Unlike Draco, the entire I-270 corridor will be in the cold side of this storm.  Although no snow accumulation numbers are being posted yet, every county just to the south of the St. Louis area (but not St. Louis or Madison Counties) is currently under a Winter Storm Watch at this time.

The last time such a large amount of snow fell in the area was almost 2 years ago and it caused a tractor-trailer to jackknife east of the Lilac exit during a peak period.  Please slow down, not only for your own good but for others.  History has shown that winter storms and a 4 lane bridge without shoulders is just a bad accident waiting to happen.

The editor will be up early Wednesday morning to keep track of the action, before work and during breaks at work, using Twitter only when necessary.  Twitter traffic tends to increase during major storms.  Emergency updates via Twitter will come out of reliable St. Louis media personnel or from first responders – these may be retweeted if necessary – the sites twitter account follows most of them.

Just for good measure, there is a slight chance of light drizzle that could turn into freezing drizzle tonight when a cold front moves in the area.  It doesn’t take much ice to turn roads into skating rinks, so please slow down.

Edit 12/24 at 11:40:  The links for winter weather conditions for Illinois and Missouri.  When in doubt check the live feed cameras or call the states respective hotlines.  Links to the live feed cameras is found on this site.  The phone number for Illinois road conditions is 1-800-452-4368 and for Missouri it is 1-888-275-6636.


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