Overturned vehicle at Lilac last night

Posted: 2013/03/21 in accident, stall

Continuing a disturbing trend for the past two months, a eastbound vehicle overturned between the Bellefontaine and Lilac exits last night around 20:45, causing both eastbound lanes to close for 40+ minutes to allow crews to clear the vehicle.  This crash happened out of the view of the MoDOT live feed cameras in the area but the traffic backed up to Old Halls Ferry with very little movement from vehicles caught in it.

MoDOT STL Traffic @StLouisTraffic 21h


8:55 PM – 20 Mar 13 · Details

Tru Lou@10Tru 20h Damn it’s a red monte flipped over on 270 rite pass bellefountain .. Wtf happen thurr

9:39 PM – 20 Mar 13 · Details
The scene is cleared and traffic is restored to normal flow by 22:15.
That incident was not the only incident on the corridor that day.  Earlier in the day around 11:15 an westbound tractor trailer stalls on the river bridge at the decel lane for the Riverview exit.

MoDOT STL Traffic @StLouisTraffic 20 Mar New: STALLED VEHICLE I-270 WB @ AT RIVERVIEW DR RIGHT LANE CLOSED (St Louis (city),MO)

11:18 AM – 20 Mar 13 · Details
It takes 45 minutes to clear the stall.
More winter weather is expected this weekend as most of this month has been colder than normal.  The good news is that the worst of the storm will happen during the overnight hours.  The bad news is that it will fall on a Saturday night/Sunday morning and the last time such weather happened on that time frame chaos happened.  To make matters worse, the precipitation will start off as rain before going to snow, which will prevent most of the pretreating by MoDOT and IDOT.  Various graphics and posts has been shared to this site Facebook page as the National Weather Service has yet to update their site with potential winter storm watches.
UPDATE 4/5/13:  Added a youtube video link involving the overturned vehicle.

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