Late season winter storm takes aim for Palm Sunday

Posted: 2013/03/23 in Weather
As briefly mentioned on the last post made on Thursday evening, there is a major winter storm projected for the entire corridor for Sunday with the worst coming during the daylight hours.  Just a few moments ago the National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm Warnings and are rolling out models that project 8 to 11 inches of snow on that section of 270.  The projected snowfall amounts has the potential to make the highways impassable.  The good news is that this storm will hit on a Sunday but the bad news is that the worst will come during the daylight hours and could potentially make the Monday morning commute a dicey one.  As such, it is recommended that the travel through the corridor should be for essential use only (there are certain people with jobs that they must show up to work no matter what the weather conditions are – these include the first responders, doctors, nurses, and IDOT/MoDOT crews).
As with previous winter storms, only essential tweets/retweets will be made once the snow starts falling.  If you must head out in the storm, please drive carefully as the previous two winter storms that did hit last month both had multiple incidents.

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