Severe weather expected tonight into Thursday

Posted: 2013/04/17 in accident, Weather

The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Watch for portions of the corridor until 22:00 tonight but favorable conditions for severe weather will last into Thursday.  Please take the weather forecasts seriously, as this type of severe weather has been known to topple tractor-trailers and overturn vehicles in the past, and the storms that hit Hazelwood on April 10 just missed the corridor by a matter of a few miles.

The yesterday morning commute did not go smoothly, as a tractor-trailer accident westbound at Route 367  just after 07:00 caused peak hour traffic to back up into Illinois.  Rain may had played a role in that incident which blocked 2 of the 3 mainline lanes and took nearly 2 hours for traffic to return to normal.

EDITORS NOTE:  The editor of this site started the night shifts this week and works 00:00 to 08:00 Tuesday morning through Saturday morning barring mandatory overtime.  This means there will be a possible delays in tweeting should it be necessary.  The editor will make every effort of being awake during the worst of the severe weather tomorrow but must get some sleep in during the day.


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