Recent rains could bring increase of peak hour traffic

Posted: 2013/04/18 in congestion, Weather

Today was a bit of a good news, bad news day with the weather.  The good news is that the rain started first thing in the morning, which put an end of the severe weather potential before it even started.  The bad news was the fact the rain came in the morning peak and lasted well into the evening peak, causing traffic to appear heavier and slower than normal.  Today did not go off without an hitch, though, as there were two separate reports of debris on the mainline lanes as the day went on.  The first report was just west of Route 367 during the morning peak and that combined with the heavy rain caused slow traffic that went from that area back into Illinois.  The second report came shortly before 15:00 from a concerned tweeter:


tire debris on 270 east on old chainofrocks bridge after riverview.

The debris is cleared before the heaviest part of the evening peak starts.
The heavy rain locally and points north is leading to some major river flooding along the Mississippi River.  The National Weather Service has forecasted a river crest of 34 feet at Alton for April 23.  That projected river level is high enough to flood the southbound lanes of Route 67 just south of the Clark Bridge.  (31 feet is that magic number for the low lying southbound lanes; for the Clark Bridge itself it is around the 40-41 feet mark).  If the forecasts hold true please expect much heavier than normal traffic during the morning peak for the early part of next week – the last time the flooding directly caused the heavier traffic was May 2002 when the southbound lanes of Route 67 from the IL 143 intersection to the Missouri River was closed for one week.  Please stay tuned for updates, as more rain is forecasted for next week.

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