Peak hour rain leads to a pair of incidents

Posted: 2013/04/24 in accident

Rain returned this morning in time for the peak period, and it did not take long to realize that it was going to be a long morning.  Shortly after 06:30, the westbound traffic is slowed from 255 towards the canal bridge due to a slow-moving vehicle that simply refused to get off the mainline lanes for several miles.  That incident set the tone for the entire morning peak, not just for this section of 270 but the entire section of 270 in North County as well.

KSDK NewsChannel 5@ksdknews 3h

The left lane is closed on I-270 EB at East Of River Bridge due to accident @sjdayley

7:46 AM – 24 Apr 13 · Details
This happened just as westbound traffic was trying to get back to normal from the first incident.  Westbound traffic is delayed back to 255, eastbound traffic towards Lilac until that incident got cleared.  Additional mishaps occurred west of 367 on the westbound lanes (with the worst at McDonnell), which made it even harder for normal traffic flow to resume in the westbound direction, and it was not until 09:00 before things settled down.
There was another incident between 367 and Riverview that happened early Sunday morning – causing all eastbound lanes to get blocked for 2 hours for this one to clear:
21 Apr


No additional details were made available regarding this incident as it happened in the middle of the night.

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