Truck fire during the evening peak yesterday

Posted: 2013/05/14 in congestion, fire, stall

Yesterday afternoon, the eastbound lane closures picked up almost an entire hour later than anticipated and it was all it took to set the tone for the evening peak.  While the eastbound traffic was trying to get back to normal, a truck broke down just west of the canal bridge westbound that blocked the shoulder and one of the two mainline lanes.

This fire temporarily led to the closure of both mainline lanes as crews put out the fire, and one lane would remain closed well into the evening hours.  It also made the evening news of one television station, which also tweeted pictures of the truck fire.


Here is another picture that was shot by a motorist and shared on Facebook yesterday. The cab of the truck was fully involved.

Traffic would back up all the way to 255 at the peak and the scene is not cleared before 20:00-21:00 time frame.


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