Semi vs. Car stops eastbound traffic on river bridge

Posted: 2013/05/15 in accident
Standstill traffic

Standstill traffic


Around 11:10, there is a serious accident reported on the Illinois end of the river bridge on the eastbound lanes right before the construction zone for the canal bridge start.  Both eastbound lanes are blocked (and still blocked as of 12:38) as crews try to clear this incident.  Westbound traffic is backed up to Route 3, and eastbound traffic is being forced to exit the Riverview exit.

More details will come later.  All three major TV news stations in the St. Louis area is covering this incident at this time.

UPDATE 14:05.  The incident on the Illinois end of the River Bridge has been cleared as of 13:50 BUT the canal bridge closures are still in effect for at least another hour.  There is a new incident eastbound at Lilac just as the river bridge scene was getting cleared.  NO NEW UPDATES for the remainder of this day as the editor must leave for work and does not get off until midnight.  Twitter and Facebook will still be monitored during break times but may be unable to share posts on Facebook.

UPDATE May 17 at 11:35:  Someone posted a photo of the wreck.  Here is the related articles from KMOV, KSDK, and KTVI from this.


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