3 Tractor Trailers stops eastbound traffic, again

Posted: 2013/05/16 in accident

Shortly after 07:00, three tractor trailers was involved in a wreck in the eastbound lanes.  One was hit from behind from another tractor-trailer and jackknifed in the middle of the bridge, near the spot of the wreck yesterday.

Facebook post of traffic trying to move over for emergency vehicles

UPDATE 10:03: The crash is cleared as of 09:38 and the lanes have reopened. The local media is posting various articles regarding the wrecks that happened both this morning and yesterday. Below is some of the articles posted:

UPDATE 5/18 at 16:01:  This incident made top story of the KSDK evening news that night at both 5 and 6.

UPDATE 11/26/13 at 01:57:  Found another photo of the scene, this one of the traffic backup on the bridge.

UPDATE 2/18/14 at 02:35:  One of the truckers involved in the accident recently shared a few photos on Facebook.

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