A rough morning and more rough weather on tap

Posted: 2013/05/21 in stall, Weather

After the rain that hit during the overnight hours last night left, the morning commute started and proved to be a rough one.  Shortly after 07:00, a stall is reported west of the Canal Bridge (MP 1.0)  in the westbound lanes blocking the right lane.  Twitter and Facebook users caught in this one sent messages that the traffic was backed up all the way to 157 and took up to 45 minutes to get through the area.

That incident was on the heels of another one reported during the evening peak by @StLouisTraffic around 16:55 yesterday that was quickly cleared.

The editor was at work and on the production floor where the cell phones are banned at this time, but checking the cameras during the ensuing break suggested that the alleged incident happened on the river bridge.

Speaking of the rough weather, the worst of the storms hit during the overnight hours where traffic tends to be much lighter.  More storms are on tap for this afternoon but the National Weather Service has yet to issue any storm watch for this area as of 10:35.  The Storm Prediction Center has put this area in a slight risk category for severe weather today.


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