Memorial day weekend is coming up

Posted: 2013/05/24 in stall

Memorial day weekend is coming up and the good news is that non emergency road closures will be lifted by 15:00 today and will not be reinstated until midnight on May 27.  The bad news is that the work zone speed limit between MP 1.0 and 3.6 on 270 for the canal bridge project is still in effect and will be enforced this weekend.  There will be heavier than normal traffic this weekend to boot, as it is an holiday weekend.

The evening commute yesterday did not go off smoothly.  Traffic backed up from Route 3 all the way back towards Route 367 as a vehicle blows a tire and blocks the left lane during the 17:00 hour.  Thank you to the Twitter community for giving the details of the traffic delay of that incident, as the IDOT traffic site is not mobile phone friendly and the editor was at work at the time (but on break).  Regardless, this incident just adds to a string of incidents that have happened throughout the month of May.


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