More severe weather and high river levels on the way

Posted: 2013/06/01 in Weather

After a harrowing Friday evening with tornado warnings with a possible direct hit that has not yet been confirmed by the National Weather Service (damage was reported just to the north of the 270 corridor in Illinois in Hartford and Edwardsville), one of the local TV weathermen posted on Facebook an image that the section of 270 between the river and canal bridges had at least 100+ MPH winds.  Google traffic maps did indicate slow traffic during the peak of the storm but the live feed cameras were down.

Despite this, the editor did not hear of any reports of overturned tractor-trailers due to the storm.  The last time this section of 270 took such a direct hit from a storm was in 2006.

The bad news is that the severe threat is not over.  The Storm Prediction Center has placed a 70% chance of severe weather by Sunday.  Please stay alert when skies are changing.

There is a potential for much heavier than normal traffic next week due to the projected crest levels at Alton.  The projected crest of the river is now set at 34.1 feet by Tuesday and that level is high enough to start affecting the southbound lanes of Route 67 between the Lewis and Clark Bridges.  Although river forecasts are subject to change, it is clear that the rivers are going into the major flood levels from this rain.

UPDATE 6/2 at 00:08 – the NWS has upped the river crest forecast at Alton to 36′ for June 4.  They have also confirmed that the storm that would strike just to the north in the Wood River area as an EF3 tornado.  Regardless plan on impacts on the Clark Bridge this week and it couldn’t have come at a bad time with the river bridge inspections slated to take place.

UPDATE 6/2 at 23:17:  the NWS has released the path of the tornado and it hit very close to the river bridge.  Editor drove across this evening and there were couple small pieces of debris – and the lights on Dunn Road are still dark at the Bellefontaine exit.


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