Heavier than normal traffic patterns continue

Posted: 2013/06/07 in congestion, MoDOT, Weather

With the partial closure of Highway 67 just south of the Clark Bridge still in effect from flooding, everyone has noticed that the amount of traffic has picked up considerably this week, especially during the peak periods.  The ramps at the Route 3 interchange have been rearing their ugly heads ever since the water started flowing over the southbound lanes of 67, partially due to the canal bridge construction project.  Route 3 backed up all the way towards Hartford during the Tuesday morning peak, when MoDOT had no plans to convert the northbound 67 lanes to two-way traffic.  (Just for good measures, mainline 270 traffic backed up past 255, and an incident at 367 did not help matters.) Obviously, the locals from the Riverbend weren’t too happy about it and went to social media to let MoDOT have it.  Tuesday afternoon, MoDOT had an about face regarding two-way conversion of the northbound lanes, and the morning peak on both Wednesday and Thursday went smoother.

However, the evening peak on both Wednesday and Thursday were much heavier than normal, as some of the locals decided to use alternate routes to the Clark Bridge (in the RiverBend, there is only one true alternate to the Clark Bridge, figure it out).  In fact, MoDOT is still urging the locals to avoid using 67 to the Clark Bridge until the water recedes as there are some weak levees in the area still in danger of failing.

It will likely be next week before the water recedes to the point where water no longer covers the southbound lanes of 67.  Until that happens and MoDOT reopens the southbound lanes, expect traffic to be heavier than normal during the peak periods.  The river bridge inspections that were scheduled this week have been put on hold for now, and the new dates will be shared as soon as they become available. 

If you’re from the Riverbend and opt to take 270 to cross the river, you may want to consider getting on from either 255 or 111 instead of Route 3.

Last but not least, the lighting on the river bridge is not working at all (it has not worked for the past 3 nights).  If you are crossing  the river at night, please take extra care.


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