Posted: 2013/06/19 in IDOT, MoDOT

MoDOT has released the mobility report for May, and it was not a surprise to find both eastbound wrecks on the river bridge making the major impact incident list  (pages 9-11).  What was not expected to be on the report but came up was on page 29.  For the first time since MoDOT started publishing mobility reports in 2011, they released a monthly average of 24 hour traffic volumes.  Compared from May 2012, mainline traffic on 270 at Lilac increased 8.1% for eastbound and 5.7% westbound.

Yesterday, Transportation For America published a new report regarding structurally deficient bridges.  The report included a searchable database of bridges but some of the information on the bridges have since changed due to more recent inspections.  Both the river and canal bridges are classified as such, but the inspection reports are from 2011.  The 2012 inspections have gave both even lower scores than the 2011 inspections (you may view the river bridge inspection report here, and the canal bridge here).  Although the 2013 inspection results have yet to be released, it is expected to be just as bad as last year.

Speaking of bridge inspections, the rescheduled river bridge inspections have not been announced.  If any press release has been posted and/or the variable message signs on the 270/255 interchange has been changed to include such, it will be posted to both the Twitter and Facebook feeds first, then to this site.


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