I-270 North County Corridor public meeting set for July 30

Posted: 2013/07/24 in accident, congestion, MoDOT

MoDOT has formally announced the date of the I-270 North County Corridor public meeting for July 30.  It will run from 16:00 to 19:00 at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley inside the student center.  The upcoming study is an environmental assessment that will last approximately 18 months.  Regardless, MoDOT is willing to listen to the commuters and it is a good time to give them what you really think needs to be done.

Based on the monthly mobility report last month, the amount of eastbound traffic at the Lilac exit increased by 4.4% during the month of June but westbound jumped a staggering 13.3%.  The flooding that hampered the Clark Bridge commute was the likely culprit for the large increase, as the biggest traffic jumps were during the first half of the month.  The annual increase from June 2012 had a slight decrease eastbound and a 4.4% increase westbound.

The morning peak today did not go off smoothly.  An westbound accident happened on the canal bridge, reducing traffic to one lane and causing delays that went past 255.  The incident allegedly happened shortly after 08:00, took nearly an hour to clear, and it was another 30 minutes for traffic to return to normal flow.


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