Late evening stall triggers an accident

Posted: 2013/08/06 in accident

UPDATE 8/7/2013 at 01:26:  The accident turned out to be fatal based on media reports and involved three vehicles.  The comments on the Post-Dispatch article are worth reading.
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Shortly after 21:00 there is an stalled vehicle reported on the westbound lanes of the bridge according to @StLouisTraffic twitter feed.

In less than 3 minutes at least one vehicle collides with that stalled vehicle, and it leads to both westbound lanes being blocked and the eastbound lanes would be affected as crews arrive on the scene to clear the incident.  Westbound traffic would back up all the way to 255, and the unrelated road work east of Route 3 did not help with the delay at all.  The incident would clear at 23:30 but it was not until midnight when traffic returns to normal.

News links:  KTVI, KMOV, KSDK


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