Ride of the Century is this weekend

Posted: 2013/08/27 in accident, safety
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First, there was an incident on the river bridge during the morning peak:

This morning did not get off smoothly, as 2 vehicles collided on the river bridge.  Although the incident was cleared within 20 minutes, the traffic backed up all the way to Route 111.

Roc2013This weekend is the annual Ride of the Century put on by the stunt group Streetfighterz, and the ride will be on Sunday.  The rides in previous years all went across the river on 270, and has been known for its open highway stunting.  While this group keeps their planned route a secret, this event has drawn media attention last year and is likely to get such attention this year.

There will be traffic impacts when the ride occurs Sunday, usually between 14:00 to 18:00, but can occur anytime during the day as riders see strength in numbers.  Since the riders will do dangerous tricks, it is probably wise to give the group the right of way during the ride.  The editor will monitor the live feed cameras during the time of the ride and will attempt to post a Facebook post if the riders start making their way across on 270.  Last year there were over 4000 bikes taking part in this event.

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This video please fast forward to the 3:00 mark for the stunting on the canal bridge.

There was an video that had an alleged flashing incident during ROC 2010 but it is not on YouTube at this time.  It was on the last Streetfighterz DVD and I will not go into details except it happened on the canal bridge.


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