Trio of incidents slow the morning drive

Posted: 2013/09/11 in accident

Wednesday morning was marred by a rash of accidents – none of them as severe as the ones on Sunday but caused lane closures and delays.  The worst of the three happened east of 255 in the eastbound lanes during the morning peak and may had influenced the heavier than normal commute for westbound drivers during the 07:00 hour as those drivers took an look.  The other two happened within a mile of the river bridge.


The first of the two came shortly before 08:00 and caused one westbound lane to be blocked for a short time:

The second happened just west of the Riverview exit shortly after 12:00 in the westbound lanes and caused delays for an hour in both directions. This one happened just as crews were wrapping up inspection work on the river bridge in temperatures that went into the high 90s.

270ebatlilac09112013 270wbriverview09112013

Emergency crews were quickly on the scene of this one, as the heavy police presence has been going on for several months.  This accident was cleared at 13:00.  The rest of the day has gone without incident so far, but this month has been rough with incidents.


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