Heavy Traffic Humpday

Posted: 2013/09/18 in congestion, construction, IDOT, MoDOT, safety

IDOT conducted some rolling lane closures for eastbound traffic during the 14:00 hour, and it was all that was needed to set the tone for the afternoon.  Shortly after 16:00, rain starts to fall at one of the worst possible times of the day, and combined with the I-64 closure at I-55/70, it was all it took for traffic to get into bumper to bumper conditions, which is very unusual for this section of 270 under normal circumstances.  (Under normal circumstances the traffic is heavy but moving near the speed limit.)

Traffic at 17:13

Traffic at 17:13

The conditions continue well into the 18:00 hour before the traffic flow improves.  It was very slow going trying to get to 255, where a majority of the drivers got off.  In fact, much of 270 from 370 all the way to 255 was very slow, and the debris report at New Halls Ferry did not help matters at all.

Speaking of heavy traffic, it is expected that the peak periods will remain heavier than normal through Friday and the weekend itself will be much heavier.  MoDOT has weekend work on the Poplar Street Bridge, and the last time they did such work there was a Sunday evening marred with incidents.  The I-64 closure is still in effect until Monday morning.


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