Moderate to High Risk of Severe Weather this afternoon

Posted: 2013/11/17 in Weather

The Storm Prediction Center has just issued in the past few minutes a Tornado Watch until 16:00 for the entire I-270 corridor, and a Wind Advisory is currently in effect.  Truckers must take special precautions all day today due to the weather conditions, but the biggest risk is the threat of severe weather this afternoon.  All night, the SPC has pushed the high risk category further to the west and now the corridor is in the moderate to high risk category for severe weather.  The Weather Channel has set TORCON to a 9 for Southern Illinois which means a 90% probability of a tornado developing.


Since the editor is currently working night shifts, emergency Twitter updates may be lacking as the editor may be asleep during the worst of the storm.  However, various followers will be monitoring on Twitter and posting updates.

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