Unexpected work yields big mess

Posted: 2013/11/20 in accident, construction, IDOT

With IDOT literally pulling a fast one yesterday morning (no press release to boot, not even the local news media mentioned it), the morning went to hell for westbound traffic.  For the second straight morning, an incident during the 08:00 hour occurred, this one westbound between the canal and river bridge and it involved a semi according to a person that posted on the KSDK Facebook Feed.


The incident was reported sometime after 08:30 and despite the fact the westbound lanes were not completely blocked, little traffic was able to get through.  Although the incident disappeared from the incident map within 15 minutes, traffic backed up all the way to 255 and it remained as such for over an hour.  The incident happened in a spot where the MoDOT live feed camera at Riverview could not detect it and all the IDOT cameras are still down.

The lane restrictions were finally in placed by 10:50 and the rest of the day went incident free.

270ebatriverview11192013at1024 270ebatriverview11192013at1053


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