Quick hit of snow leads to a jackknifed tractor-trailer

Posted: 2013/12/08 in accident, Weather

Early this morning (between midnight to 02:00) a round of light snow fell in the area.  Although this snow amounted to less than 1 inch, it was enough to cause problems for westbound drivers trying to make a trip across the river.  Around 02:45, a tractor-trailer jackknifes on the Illinois end of the river bridge (it happened out of the view of the live feed camera at Riverview) and caused the crews to block both westbound lanes for 45 minutes until it was cleared around 06:00.  Although there are no other details resulting in the wreck it shows that it only takes a little frozen precipitation to cause big problems.

This morning George Sells from Fox 2 did make a live feed shot of the 270/Lilac area. Although no footage of the wreck was shown, it was mentioned.

  1. […] This section of 270 has not had a good history with freezing rain, and there has already been an incident involving a jackknifed tractor trailer on less than one inch of snow this […]

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