Lane restrictions Tuesday morning

Posted: 2013/12/16 in construction, Weather

Starting at 09:00 Tuesday morning and lasting approximately 30 minutes, expect restrictions for westbound traffic at a undisclosed location between the river and canal bridges for a concrete barrier wall repair.  This work is weather permitting, and may be related to a pair of recent tractor-trailer accidents that occurred on the island in the past month.

The classic St. Louis freeze-thaw winters is taking hold this year, and the potholes may be starting to pop up at random places along the mainline.  The driving surface between MP 1.6 and 3.4 is very rough at this time.  The locals are confirming that there are bald eagles in the area as well.  This section of 270 is not for gawking at bald eagles – it seems like every year the eagles are out bad things tend to happen to your commute.  If you insist in viewing those eagles, there is a safe alternative in this area to do it.  The peak times for eagles to fly around this area tend to be around the same time window as the peak traffic periods on this section of 270 – so drivers must be extra vigilant until Spring arrives.

For the third weekend in a row, a winter storm could hit this corridor.  The storm is still a few days from making an impact, so please stay tuned for further updates should they become necessary.


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