Chance of Freezing Rain tonight

Posted: 2013/12/20 in stall, Weather

All week, the editor has been concerned with the weather forecast for this weekend, due to the chance of freezing rain.  The best chance of freezing rain will be tonight into Saturday morning – eventually the temperatures will warm up just enough during the day on Saturday for cold wet rain.  It only takes a small amount of freezing rain to cause big problems, and MoDOT is not advising travel on I-70 at all on Saturday.


The corridor is right on the edge of 40% chance of .25 inch ice accumulation.  If the low pressure system tracks just 25 miles to the southeast of what the weather forecasters are predicting, things will go downhill fast.  This area is too close to call when it comes getting a ice storm versus getting a cold rain, so the editor has gone ahead with making this post.  This section of 270 has not had a good history with freezing rain, and there has already been an incident involving a jackknifed tractor trailer on less than one inch of snow this season.

This afternoon did not go smoothly.  Shortly after 13:00, a vehicle stalls eastbound towards the Illinois end of the river bridge.  The stall causes the traffic to back up all the way to the Lilac exit, and it is not until 13:55 when the vehicle is cleared.  It takes about 20 minutes for the traffic flow to revert to normal.  The editor hopes that this incident does not set the tone for the weekend, given the forecast given.


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