Second winter storm in 4 days poised for a big impact

Posted: 2014/01/03 in Weather

UPDATE 1/4/2014 at 20:05 – There is no major changes to the projected snow forecast by the NWS.  The prime time for heavy snow will happen during the day on Sunday before it tapers off by the evening.  The editor of the site has to go to work Sunday, however, and this means the only updates via Twitter and/or Facebook will come on breaks.  This type of snow is the drifting stuff, and expect the Monday morning commute to be nasty.  The NWS has set Winter Storm Warnings that go in effect at midnight and does not expire until 18:00.

Commuters could be in for a very rocky Sunday on the I-270 corridor, as Winter Storm “Ion” is due to take a direct hit on the corridor.  This storm will be much more severe than the storm that hit Thursday morning and turned that commute into a nasty one.  The NWS is forecasting up to a foot of snow for the corridor with 35 MPH winds, and the temperatures are projected to bottom out to the lowest figures in 15 years.  This type of snow will be a powdery-type snow, and this means blizzard-type conditions will happen as this section of I-270 is out in the open.  The entire corridor is under a Winter Storm Watch that is projected to become either a Winter Storm Warning or a Blizzard Warning – and the last time a Blizzard Warning was issued was in 2011.

Projected snowfall totals by the NWS as of 15:00 on 1/3/2014.  Please keep in mind these numbers are subject to change.

Projected snowfall totals by the NWS as of 15:00 on 1/3/2014. Please keep in mind these numbers are subject to change.

With the severity of the storm on Sunday, people should avoid travel except for essential purposes.  This type of a winter storm could lead to road closures due to whiteout conditions.  If you think things will go back to normal in time for the Monday morning commute, THINK AGAIN.  Temperatures are projected to go as low as -10 for the commute and that could lead to stalled vehicles due to dead car batteries, not to mention drifting snow.

Before you head out, please check the winter road conditions for Missouri and Illinois.


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