Tuesday goes nasty as predicted

Posted: 2014/01/07 in accident, stall, Weather

Last night, the editor went on Facebook and posted that the Tuesday morning peak was going to be a nasty commute as the temperatures were below zero and the mainline lanes were still a sheet of ice.  More people were getting on the roads compared to the day before, and that meant a higher chance of incidents.  Tuesday morning did not disappoint at all:

This incident came shortly after 07:30 and caused traffic to back up to the river bridge.  That incident may had triggered a secondary incident that came a short time later:

This one was cleared by 09:00 and by accounts happened on the canal bridge. The temperatures rebounded into the high teens by the afternoon and the roads were in much better shape for the evening peak.  Still, the evening peak did not go without incident:

It takes 30 minutes to clear this peak hour stall.

The river is iced over due to this cold snap, and there may not be as many bald eagles in the area due to the ice.  However, this cold snap is easing and temperatures will be going back above normal by the weekend as rain is moving in.  Still, there is another shot of snow that could come in time for the Wednesday evening peak.  Although the predictions call for less than one inch of new snow, the timing could have it come in at the worst possible time.  It probably will not be until next week before traffic flow goes back to normal due to the melting and refreezing of the snow, and another variable that is known to happen this time of year: potholes.  Until then, expect the morning peaks to be dicey and the evening peak somewhat better.


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