Light snow, freezing drizzle, and rain creates more problems

Posted: 2014/01/10 in accident, Weather

In regards to the incident that involved a tractor-trailer on Sunday on the hill leading up to the Lilac exit, our friends posted this on their Facebook feed.

Thursday morning, about an inch of new snow fell on the corridor.  The problem was that the snow fell in time for the morning peak and triggered more chaos that rivaled what happened Tuesday.

A tractor-trailer failed to navigate the hill yet again between Bellefontaine and Lilac, and it caused major traffic disruptions in both directions:
This incident backed up the westbound traffic towards the canal bridge, and eastbound traffic towards New Halls Ferry.  Toss in a wreck on 367 just north of 270 that happened around the same time frame, and there is major traffic issues.  Drivers took to twitter with a variety of choice words, and it will not be until 11:00 until traffic returns to normal.

The hope was that Friday would go better than Thursday but it was not the case as two more incidents occur at Riverview and the editor slept through the first one.

It takes an hour to clear this peak hour incident that happened near the location where the traffic from the Riverview ramp merges straight on the bridge.

However, the editor was awake in time for the second incident that happened westbound just west of the Riverview exit:


This incident that happened around 09:20 is cleared by 09:50.

The weather played a role in all the incidents in some form or another, and some excitement did happen during the overnight hours on Wednesday morning:

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