Quick hit of snow Thursday leads to peak hour mess

Posted: 2014/01/17 in accident, Weather

For the second Thursday in a row, a round of snow that gave less than an inch of snow fell in the area – at one of the worst possible times of the day.  The snow was in and out in less than two hours on Thursday morning, but it fell during the 05:00-06:00 time window when the morning peak gets going.  It does not take a lot of snow to cause big problems, and it was enough to cause multiple incidents between Bellefontaine Road and Route 203 during the morning peak.

The problems started off at 203. At least 2 incidents were confirmed in this area, but the majority of the problems on the Illinois side was on 255.

This turned out to be the accident that happened westbound at Lilac. Around the same time of this incident, there was another one eastbound at Bellefontaine. There is a big hill between those two exits and it tends to rear its ugly head with every snow event. The incidents this week were not as severe as the ones last week but it made for a bad morning. Westbound traffic would remain slow well into the 09:00 hour for the second Thursday in a row as a result of the problems. There were a pair of incidents near the canal bridge as well:

Another quick hit of snow fell Thursday night into Friday morning but the worst ended just in time for the morning peak.

Friday morning peak, however, went without incident.

This weekend the traffic will be much heavier than normal, especially with the Riverview exit off 270.  MoDOT is doing a full weekend closure of I-70 in downtown St. Louis, and this weekend is Eagle Days at the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.


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