Wind Advisory tonight, more off-peak construction E/O Rt. 3

Posted: 2014/01/26 in construction, Weather

Before the editor gets in the details of the latest Wind Advisory by the NWS, any non-essential updates will be delayed to Monday or Tuesday for the next few weeks as the editor will be pulling 60 hour work weeks on the night shifts.  In addition, there will be a delay in response in Twitter and/or Facebook during the morning peak Thursday-Monday and any of the evening peaks – as the editor has no computer access at work and can only use cell phone on breaks – and must sleep during the day.  Essential updates will be done as soon as the editor gets home from work or wakes up – as the cell phone app for updating the site is not a good one at all. 

This morning, the National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory for the entire I-270 corridor from 20:00 tonight through 06:00 Monday, as a strong cold front is projected to move through the area.  Truckers must take special precautions with the high winds, as the wind gusts will be strong enough to topple tractor-trailers.  Just for good measure, there is a Wind Chill Advisory just to the north of the corridor that will also go in effect at 03:00 Monday to 12:00 Tuesday.

Incident west of the bridge on January 21, 2014 at 07:19.

Incident west of the bridge on January 21, 2014 at 07:19.

The only silver lining with this cold front is that snow is not expected to accompany it.  It was not the case with the cold front that went through last Tuesday, causing 3 minor incidents during the morning peak (one west of the river bridge where a car found the ditch as pictured, another on the river bridge itself that was an apparent steer and clear that came later that same hour, and a third near the 203 exit that also found the ditch).  However, winter is not done and more winter weather is expected for February, along with more cold air.

Meanwhile the cold air will not be stopping the construction crews, as off-peak lane closures is slated to start again east of Route 3 (Jan 29-Aug 1), and a separate project will be happening at 255 (EASTBOUND restrictions from 07:00 to 15:00 Jan 27 ONLY).  These projects are in addition to the canal bridge construction going on – and most of this will last throughout 2014.  Delays of 30-60 minutes will be possible when the lane closures are up and construction zone speed limits are active 24/7.


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